Wednesday, 29 August 2012




Whipped Cream          200ml
brown sugar                120g  (i used 70g)
milk                            400ml
green tea powder        4 tbsb

1)whipped cream ,约2-3 mins.
2)sugar+milk+green tea powder mixed well
3)poured whipped cream into milk mixture mixed well.
4)poured into plastic container, freeze for about 1 hour.
5)poured into a blender,blend for 2mins, freeze again,
6)repeat step 5 for 3 times.freeze over night.enjoy your ice-cream.

Note: I used Iber Gourmet machine,just put all ingredients into the mixing jug set 5 mins,80 degree,speed 1,then poured mixture into a plastic container,freeze for 2 hours, put back into the mixing jug and mix from 0-maximum speed to break any ice crystals.

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